Stryker Police Department

As sworn Law Enforcement Officers of the Village of Stryker and the State of Ohio, it is incumbent upon us to uphold the laws set forth to protect the population and ensure the tranquility for the citizens of our Village, County and State. Our job is never easy, and the work we do is often thankless. We are called upon, and are sworn to complete certain tasks that take split second decisions and actions in order to protect our life and the lives of the public. It is our duty to remain alert, continue with education, and know the proper remedy for the problems that may arise. Within our ranks, we strive for consistency, compassion and professionalism. The goal for each officer is to represent their position within our Department with dignity, respect and courage. We have one common mission; to provide unparalleled selfless service to our community. Our Department currently has 4 full-time officers, several part-time officers and 1 Chaplain.

Police Officials

Chief Steve Mendez

Biography and picture coming soon.

Lt. Jordan Williams

Biography and picture coming soon.

Chelsey Ryan-Skiver

Biography and picture coming soon.

Shaun Fulk

Biography and picture coming soon.

Springfield Township Stryker Fire Department

Springfield Township/Stryker Fire Department protects Springfield Township and the Village of Stryker, Ohio. Springfield Township is located at the Southeast corner of Williams County, Ohio. Springfield Township has an approximate population of 1821 and an area of 33.3 Sq Miles. Though some staff are paid, we are really a volunteer fire department, relying on the heroics and community service of those people committed to the safety of the area. All members are required to complete 24 hours of training each year. The fire department has six pieces of fire fighting equipment, and two fire stations to use to effectively protect the Village of Stryker and Springfield Township. If you would be interested in joining the fire department, simply fill out an application, found on our website and drop it off at the fire hall or mail it to: Stryker Fire Department, 20275 St Rt 34, Stryker, Ohio 43557